About Us

Our brewery was started in 2010, with sales from our tasting area starting in June 2011.  We are farmers first, and our beer reflects that.  With sustainability one of our main goals, we source as many ingredients locally as possible.  We use Washington Select 2-row barley as our base malt for most of our beers.  Most of the other malts we use are from barley, or wheat grown in Washington also.  All of our hops are Washington grown.

Instead of bringing in hops from out of state, or country, we utilize locally grown ingredients to add unique flavors to our beers, from crops grown on our family farm whenever possible.  This is nothing new.  This is how beer was brewed before hops came into fashion, and the church, and German purity laws mandated brewing with hops over other, more dubious, ingredients.

We do not strive to brew our beers to any specific style, so if that is what you are looking for, I’m afraid you have come to the wrong place.  Many times we brew a beer then decide which category it best fits in.  Some of this is due to the fact that we use seasonal ingredients, which also lend some inconsistency to our beer.  We are okay with that though.  Our passion is farming, and our brewery is an extension of that.

You may notice that we occasionally use Scandinavian names on our beers.  That is because we are proud of our Scandinavian heritage, and Dave is a 5th generation resident of Little Norway.

In 2014, we opened our current location in beautiful downtown Poulsbo. After gutting the building, putting a fresh coat of paint on everything, and expelling the demons that plagued the building for years, we opened the doors for the summer crowd. Since then we have become one of the premiere destinations in North Kitsap for live music, entertainment, and our delicious beer! Come visit Slippery Pig for great beer, good food, and fun with all your favorite local friends.