Slippery Pig Beers ( ABV %) Description
Careless Whimper Hard Seltzer 5% Our own malt-based hard seltzer, lightly flavored with lemon verbena and raspberries; the first of the "Pink Trotter" series. Try it out today!
Baldur's Blonde Ale 5% Light, crisp, and refreshing wheaty blonde with a touch of Cascade hops.
Chai Blonde 5.5% A StrangeBrew Fest entry, this is a spiced up take on our Baldur’s Blonde; a shot of BSB gives new meaning to “Dirty Chai”.
Queen Sonja Blonde Ale 5% Our original Baldur's Blonde Ale but with a Nordic twist! Sigmund Voss Kveik yeast (reused for generations in traditional Norwegian farmhouse brewing) is used to impart a spicy orange note.
Mojito Wit 6.2% Nana's favorite! A light Belgian wheat ale brewed with mint and lime. Perfect for summer.. Or when you wish it were summer.
Sitrus Fjell IPA 5.9% A "Citrus Mountain"; Liberally dry-hopped with tons of Citra for some bright, tropical fruit aromas and a palate cleansing bitter bite!
Full Moon Fever DIPA 8.5% A malty IPA with mango and orange peel from the fresh Cascade, Citra, and Simcoe hops shine through in the flavor and aroma, and you’re left with a lingering hop bitterness.
Dandelion Bitter 6.4% A classic British style with a big, malty nose; made with traditional ingredients and dandelion greens as a strong flavoring and bittering agent
Norwegian Sunburn Amber Rye Ale 7.3% 2 Row, Crystal, and Rye Malts blend deliciously with Cascade hops to form this brawny Amber Rye Ale.
Rhubarb IPA 10.8% One of the originals! We use actual Rhubarb from the farm to add a tart counterpoint to the bitter hops. Not a standard IPA.
Poulsbo AF 5.9% An amber ale style brewed with cedar tips from the Lambert's farm. It's like a long walk through the forest with an old friend!
Hogsbreath Honey Wheatwine 10.6% Dave brews this to keep Shawna happy; Seasonally brewed with Lemon Verbena and Kitsap Honey.
Kingman Red Ale 7% Big Hops. Robust Malt. A deep red-bronze hue. Everything a person could want in a well balanced red ale. Also brewed in Kingman, AZ at Black Bridge Brewing.
Caffe Cocina Coffee Stout 6.6% Made with cold-press signature Pig Roast Blend from Poulsbo's Caffe Cocina (/ko'sina/) roasters. Low acid, slightly nutty, smooth finish.
Dark Borghild Imperial Porter 9% Shawna’s great-grandmother Borghild (translates “fortified for battle”), exemplifies this roasty porter; hop bitterness in the background, while remaining light and dry, leads to a clean finish.