Slippery Pig Beers - ABV%


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cream ale 6 % 16oz Our Baldur's blonde ale on a Nitrogen tap. Dairy free
Norwegian Sunburn Amber Rye Ale 7.9 % 16oz 2 Row, Crystal, and Rye Malts blend deliciously with Cascade hops to form this brawny Amber Rye Ale.
Baldur's Blonde Ale 6.3 % 16oz Light, crisp, and refreshing wheaty blonde with a touch of Cascade hops.
Caffe Cocina Coffee Stout 7 % 16oz Made with cold-press signature Pig Roast Blend from Poulsbo's Caffe Cocina (/ko'sina/) roasters. Low acid, slightly nutty, smooth finish.
The Bollocks rye pale 8.7 % 16oz Deep gold pour with a sweet citrus aroma and light fruits with a hint of underlying rye flavor. When served to a regular who happened to be an Englishman, his response was “That’s the Bollocks!”. The rest is history.
Kingman Red Ale 7.1 % 16oz Big Hops. Robust Malt. A deep red-bronze hue. Everything a person could want in a well balanced red ale. Also brewed in Kingman, AZ at Black Bridge Brewing.
Queen Sonja Blonde Ale 5.3 % 16oz Our original Baldur's Blonde Ale but with a Nordic twist! Sigmund Voss Kveik yeast (reused for generations in traditional Norwegian farmhouse brewing) is used to impart a spicy orange note.
Rhubarb IPA 10.4 % 12oz One of the originals! We use actual Rhubarb from the farm to add a tart counterpoint to the bitter hops. Not a standard IPA.
Dandelion Bitter 6.4 % 16oz A classic British style with a big, malty nose; made with traditional ingredients and dandelion greens as a strong flavoring and bittering agent
Freyr Amber Ale 7.1 % 16oz We combined two old recipies when we ran out of grain on a brew day, resulting in this happy accident: a hop forward amber ale, without most of the strong bitternes associated with many IPAs.
Poulsbo AF 6 % 16oz An amber ale style brewed with cedar tips from the Lambert's farm. It's like a long walk through the forest with an old friend!
Mojito Wit 8.4 % 16oz Nana's favorite! A light Belgian wheat ale brewed with mint and lime. Perfect for summer.. Or when you wish it were summer.
Orange Ginger Wit 6.5 % 16oz A well-built wit with a hint of orange and ginger flavor; a touch of tequila spice in the nose and a creamy orange-sicle lingering mouthfeel.
Secret Kolsch 6.3 % 16oz Bright with a hint of grain tartness and a slight hop aroma; a very faithful interpretation of the traditional Kölsch style.
99 Led Balloons 6.6 % 16oz a Hazy IPA. We used generous amounts of Cashmere hops and this beer really does showcase the melon, peach, and tangerine notes of this WSU bred hop variety.
Sitrus Fjell IPA 6.2 % 16oz A "Citrus Mountain"; Liberally dry-hopped with tons of Citra for some bright, tropical fruit aromas and a palate cleansing bitter bite!
Full Moon Fever DIPA 8 % 16oz A malty IPA with mango and orange peel from the fresh Cascade, Citra, and Simcoe hops shine through in the flavor and aroma, and you’re left with a lingering hop bitterness.
Damned Eleven 11 % 9oz Dave scaled up the Dandelion Bitter recipe and ended up with this massive barleywine. Poor Fool (A renowned beer blogger) put this beer on his list of best beers on the entire west coast.

Guest taps and ciders

2 Towns Bright Cider 6 % 12oz Dry crisp cold fermented cider, made with a blend of Newtown Pippin heirloom apples and other Northwest varieties. Corvalis OR
2 Towns Made Marion cider 6 % 12oz Oregon grown Marion berries and hard apple cider, Corvallis Oregon

Cans & Bottles:


Non Alchoholic

Olympia or Rainier.   Pepsi, Sierra Mist, Iced Tea, coffee, hot tea, ginger beer, Dr. Pepper, root beer, Lemonade, Pineapple, Cranberry, Apple juice
2 Towns cider cans    
StrongBow cider - cans   Lemonade - Other flavors ; Mango , Blueberry, Strawberry, Peach
white claw Hard Seltzer - ask bartender for flavors available    


White-ish Wines   Red Wines
Photobomb Pinot Gris Velvet Devil Merlot (Charles Smith)
Saviah "The Jack" Chardonay Photobomb Cabernet Sauvignon - Walla Walla
Kung Fu Girl Riesling (Charles Smith) Roadside Cellars - Red Blend
Clone 7 Chardonay  
Clone 7 Sauvignon Blanc Chianti
Ruffino Prosseco  

Specialty Drinks

Bee's Knees ( Tanqueray gin , Honey syrup & lemon juice)
Lavender Lemon droptini (Empress Gin, muddled lemon, lavender syrup , lavender sugar rim)
Lights Out - (Stout + Brown Sugar Bourbon)
Gin Gin Sour   Egg White, Gin, Elderfower, & Lingonberry
Gimlet (Gin or Vodka, Lime juice, simple syrup)
Mules ( Moscow, Dublin, Kentucky, Mexico, Edmonds , Gig Harbor)
Trip to Mar-a-Lago (Rum, pineapple, grenadine, umbrella)
Mojito fresh lime, soda, simple syrup & mint (as available)
Bloody Mary: Regular size or our Extreme Loaded mug available with Crater Lake spicy Pepper vodka ,
  or cucumber vodka
Margarita Lime, House Sours, Tequila, & a splash of Cointreau
Old fashioned Pie BSB with apple juice & ginger beer
spiked Lemonade vodka and house sours. Add mango, peach or strawberry syrup flavors


Sunday 4-9PM Family Spaghetti Dinner night complete meal with Salad or Soup, cheesy garlic bread, choice of dessert.
Weekend Breakfast specials Saturday & Sunday 10am-Noon
Daily Happy Hour! 3-6PM Slider and Taco specials , discounts on growler fills
Live Blues Thursdays 7-10pm   alternating bands Front Street blues revue or Sourmash
Karaoke Fridays 8-Midnight pick your songs from the Karafun online catalog