Slippery Pig Beers ( ABV %)



Careless Whimper Hard Seltzer 5%

Our own malt-based hard seltzer, lightly flavored with lemon verbena and raspberries; the first of the "Pink Trotter" series. Try it out today!

Secret Kolsch 5.8%

Bright with a hint of grain tartness and a slight hop aroma; a very faithful interpretation of the traditional Kölsch style.

Baldur's Blonde Ale 5%

Light, crisp, and refreshing wheaty blonde with a touch of Cascade hops.

Chai Blonde 5.5%

A StrangeBrew Fest entry, this is a spiced up take on our Baldur’s Blonde; a shot of BSB gives new meaning to “Dirty Chai”.

Sitrus Fjell IPA 5%

A "Citrus Mountain"; Liberally dry-hopped with tons of Citra for some bright, tropical fruit aromas and a palate cleansing bitter bite!

Freyr Pale Ale 5.9%

We combined two old recipies when we ran out of grain on a brew day, resulting in this happy accident: a hop forward pale ale, without most of the strong bitternes associated with many IPAs.

Dandelion Bitter 6.4%

A classic British style with a big, malty nose; made with traditional ingredients and dandelion greens as a strong flavoring and bittering agent

Rhubarb IPA 10.8%

One of the originals! We use actual Rhubarb from the farm to add a tart counterpoint to the bitter hops. Not a standard IPA.

Damned Eleven 11.5%

Dave scaled up the Dandelion Bitter recipe and ended up with this massive barleywine. Poor Fool (A renowned beer blogger) put this beer on his list of best beers on the entire west coast.

Sluy's Apple Fritter strong Ale 11.2%

In a collaboration with Poulsbo staple Sluy's Bakery, we used 7 dozen of their apple fritters in this beer; served in a cinnamon sugar rimmed glass- don't miss out.

Brockstar Premium Malt Liquor 9.9%

Poulsbo’s finest malt liquor. Crisp, clean, and packed with a fruity/apple aroma that carries through; finishes sweet with a touch of alcohol heat at the back of the tongue.

Hogsbreath Honey Wheatwine 10%

Dave brews this to keep Shawna happy; Seasonally brewed with Lemon Verbena and Kitsap Honey.

Norwegian Sunburn Amber Rye Ale 7.3%

2 Row, Crystal, and Rye Malts blend deliciously with Cascade hops to form this brawny Amber Rye Ale.

Caffe Cocina Coffee Stout 6.6%

Made with cold-press signature Pig Roast Blend from Poulsbo's Caffe Cocina (/ko'sina/) roasters. Low acid, slightly nutty, smooth finish.


Borghild Imperial Porter 9%

Shawna’s great-grandmother Borghild (translates “fortified for battle”), exemplifies this roasty porter; hop bitterness in the background, while remaining light and dry, leads to a clean finish.

Guest Cider: 2 Towns Blueberry Daze cider 5.3%

PNW grown apples, blueberries & muscat grapes, this funkalicious cider finishes on a lavender high note