Slippery Pig Beer


Cocina Cocina Double Espresso Stout 6.4%
Made with cold pressed coffe from Poulsbo's Caffe Cocina (/koˈsina/) roasters. Low acid, slightly nutty. Try one with our rice krispy treats.

Baby Rhubarb IPA 6.0%
A lighter ABV session version of our Rhubarb IPA and one of Ducky's favorites. Tell everybody you're having our baby!

Norwegian Sunburn Amber Rye 7.30%
Cascade hops and a blend of malts & Rye. Delicious.

Hogs Breath Honey Wheat* 10.0%
Dave makes this to keep Shawna Happy. Seasonal brewed with Lemon Verbena.

Queen Sonja 5%
Our Baldur's Blonde Ale, but using Sigmond Voss Kveik yeast (reused for generations in traditional Norwegian farmhouse brewing. Imparts spicy orange notes).

The Bollocks Rye Pale 7.8%
This Ale was given it's moniker by a former soldier of the Royal Irish Regiment

Sitrus Fjell 6.5%
Our new Extra Premium Citra hop IPA. Orange-Golden hued with groovye little bite from dry hoppin

Baldur's Blonde 5.5%
Light, Crisp refreshing wheaty blonde with a touch of Cascade hops

Rhubarb IPA 9.9%
We use Rhubarb in the boil to add tartness. Not your Children's IPA.

Dandelion Bitter 6.0%
A tradional style bitter. Well received by our English visitors.

Secret Kolsch 5.4%
Our closet thing to a Pilsner. Barley and wheat malts go into making this light refreshing summer style ale.

Kingman Red 7.5%
A hoppy & malty Red ale with, this recipe is also brewed in Kingman, Arizona.